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Rifle scope NV DIPOL 241Н(2+)bw/ Weaver

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The main purpose of the rifle scope NV Dipol 241H (2+) bw/Weaver

The device NV Dipol 241H (II+) bw/Weaver night sight on the basis of IIT generation 2+ black and white phosphor used for detection, object recognition and maintenance of accurate shooting in low light conditions (5x10-3 Lux and below) or in complete darkness. Series models 241H (2+) are reliable and stable operation, characterized by high-quality optics, high (up to 500 g) shock resistance design of EOP and optimal set of features and settings.

Design parameters of the rifle scope NV Dipol 241H (2+) bw/Weaver

  • Weight reduction thanks to the use of strong and durable carbon fiber
  • Durability design the TUBE to shock loads — 500-600 g
  • Protection class against water and dust IPX6
  • Fixing the arms with strap Weaver
  • IIT Gen. II+ with a black-and-white phosphor, light amplification is not less than 25 thousand times the integral sensitivity of the photocathode is not less than 350 µa/LM
  • Clear picture resolution in the center field of the EOP at least 50 lines/mm
  • The range of detection by the light of a ¼ moon (an object of type "boar") — 300-500 m
  • The increase in 3.7 times, the field of view is 16.6 m/100 m eye-relief — 50 mm
  • Rubber Eyecup to protect from clipping and masking of the illumination of the TUBE
  • Accurate manual focus lens for a distance of 10 meters
  • SVD reticle is red, with adjustable brightness
  • Comfortable closed drums reconciliations with divisions of 12 mm/100
  • Powered by battery form AA / CR123 (optional)
  • The inclusion of the indicator of the sight and battery
  • Rail Weaver for mounting laser or diode IR illuminator (not included in scope of delivery)
  • Rubber lens cap with the aperture and fixed to the housing
  • The device comes in a case

Used image intensifier generation II+ increases the brightness of the image in 25 of thousands of times, provides a smooth and clear image across the field of view of the screen with a resolution of 50 lines/mm. the Use of black-and-white phosphor reduces eye fatigue and enhances contrast of images when observed during winter night conditions. To increase the range of observation / recognition on side bar set with a laser or diode infrared illumination (IR illuminator in the package is not included).

To reduce the weight appliance and to provide high strength characteristics, the casing is made of carbon fiber, polymeric material with low specific density. Design the TUBE can withstand mechanical loads up to 500-600 g, which corresponds to fire cartridges caliber with the initial energy of the bullet up to 6000 joules. The sight is fully waterproof and is protected from water and precipitation (protection class according to IEC 60529 - IPX6).

Reticle SVD red (D161 / D161 Pro — yellow) provides a convenient and accurate route guidance, the brightness is continuously adjustable. The switch-on indicator allows controlling the current condition of the instrument simultaneously serves as an indicator of discharge of batteries: lights red when a discharged battery.

To produce the sharpest images observation focuses the lens at a distance of 10 meters.

To obtain the necessary information about the night sights Dipol call us by phone 8 (495) 989-10-56 or post questions on the website of our online store. We will get back to you!

Table of the technical characteristics of rifle scope NV Dipol 241H (2+) bw/Weaver

Technical data

Electro-optical Converter

Generation of EOP

II+, black-and-white

The diameter of the working area of the photocathode, mm


Integral photocathode sensitivity, µa/LM,no less 350
The resolution limit, lines/mm, not less 50
Resistance to mechanical shock, g 500-600


Magnification, times

3.7 V

Lens focus, mm




The field of view, °


Field of view m/100 m

The minimum focusing distance, m From 10 to infinity
The removal of exit pupil, mm 50
Limit refocus the eyepiece, diopter +4
Range of detection, m (object 0,5x1,8m;illumination 5x10 -3Lux) 300-500


The voltage, V


Type of batteries

AA / CR123

Battery life (without IR), hours

54 / 25

The use of the weapon

Mesh type


The color of the grid


Price 1 click, mm/100m

Range of input of amendments, m:
- 50 m
- 100 m

Shock resistance on the steel (valid значениеЕ0), Joules, no more
Fastening on the weapon Strap Wever

Physical and operational characteristics

Case material

Carbon fiber
Operating temperature range,
-10 ... +50

Degree of protection, IP code (IEC60529)


The weight (without e-ov power supply), kg


Overall dimensions, mm

270 x 92 x 86

Warranty period, years

Country of origin
Lens diameter (mm)
3.7 — —
Field of view (deg)
9.5 — —
Case material
Weaver rail
Fine Crosshair
IR illumination
Country of origin
analog, gen. 2+
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
300 × 170 × 100
Gross weight 1 (kg)