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AT sight optical 4x24-01

Internal code: 6903
Out of stock

Out of stock

17,800 Р Last price: 17 800 RUB
Approx. 244 USD
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Sight 4x24 FOR-01 was developed by the refinery plant within the group of JSC "SHVABE" specifically for use on a hunting rifle type "Tiger". Sight has constant increase,which allows for comfortable aiming .An increase of 4 KRAt,aperture lens 24mm,illuminated reticle in red on the batteries AA(1.5 V),weight no more than 1kg. Sight keeps working at temperatures from -40 to +40C and relative humidity up to 95% at temperature +25C.

The sight allows you to quickly, conveniently and accurately direct weapon at target shooting in various visibility conditions and various atmospheric conditions at temperatures from minus 40 to 40°C.

The aiming reticle has a range finding scale, allowing to determine an approximate distance to the target ,having a height of 1.5 meters.

The sight has two drum scales, which can introduce necessary corrections in vertical and horizontal planes when zeroing in and firing.


BY 4x24

Magnification ,times


The field of view in space ,grad


Lens diameter,mm


The resolution limit with


Diameter out. pupil ,mm


Delete out.pupil ,mm


Diopter setting of eyepiece,diopter

0t - 0.5 to - 1

Overall dimensions ,mm


Weight ,kg not more


Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
360 × 163 × 75
Gross weight 1 (kg)