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Optical sight POSP 2,5-5х24 T (Tiger 1/400)

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The purpose of the optical sight POSP 2,5-5x24-T (Tiger 1/400)

The day optical sight POSP 2,5-5x24-T (Tiger 1/400) is designed for aimed shooting from hunting carbines "Tiger", SKS, and others, installed the rail dovetail on the side surface of the receiver. The sight is distinguished by its reliability, durability and simplicity to operating conditions. Mesh like PSO with distance measuring growth scale 1/400 and scale vertical and lateral adjustments allows to estimate the distance to the target and execute an accurate shot, adjusting the line of fire without the use of drums reconciliations.

Main features of the optical sight POSP 2,5-5x24-T (Tiger 1/400)

  • Design dust and waterproof and resistant to extremes of temperatures in the range -40°C...+50°C
  • Internal cavities are filled with nitrogen
  • Shock resistance on rifled firearms – 2100...3600 j (data from table muzzle energy
  • Mounting: side bracket dovetail
  • The increase in 2,5 – 5 times, the lens – 24 mm
  • Angular field of view 8°30' - 5°30'
  • Ocular diopter setting of -1 diopters
  • Exit pupil diameter 77 mm (at 2.5 x) – 61 mm (5x)
  • Scalable reticle PSO-like growth with a range scale of 1.5/1000, and scales of vertical and horizontal amendments
  • Reticle illumination is red, the power is 1.5 V from 1 item AA
  • Flywheels of input of amendments vertical and horizontal tactical type, the displacement of the aiming point during the rotation of the handwheel at 0.5 division (1 click) – 5 mm /100 m

The design features an optical sight POSP 2,5-5x24-T (Tiger 1/400)

Optical sight POSP 2,5-5x24-T (Tiger 1/400) designed for the return of cartridges 7.62 x 54 R, and 7.62 x 39. In order to avoid fogging of the lens with a sharp temperature fluctuations, the Assembly of the sight in the final stages is carried out in the nitrogen chamber, so the internal cavities of sight no water vapor. The riflescope is configured with "normal vision": -1 diopters.

The scope is installed on gun by means of solid with the body side mounting strap "dovetail" (the way in from the side of the butt) and is fixed with a clamping lever. Adjusting the clamping force produced by the shifter lever on the gear head of the nut.

To adjust the aiming line and the definition of STP used drums entering amendments (with markings on a white background). Rotation of the handwheel at 0.5 division (1 click) corresponds to the displacement of the line of sight for 5 mm at distance 100 m.

To reset to "zero" loosen the screws on flywheel nut and rotate frame to align "0" with the index mark on the body. To return to factory settings, you need to combine red touches on the nut and the movable part of drums.

Scalable grid with distance scale allows at any magnification from 2.5 x to 5x to determine the distance to an object height of 1m at distances up to 400 m. For firing in low-light conditions provides the ability to illuminate the reticle by the illumination of the red led. All the necessary information about the scope POSP 2,5-5x24-T (Tiger 1/400) you can get, call us by phone 8 (495) 989 56 10 or by posting a question on the website of our online store.

Package includes:

  • Optical rifle scope POSP 2,5-5x24-T (Tiger 1/400)
  • Flip (flip-top) cover the lens and eyepiece
  • Eyecup
  • Case
  • The user manual

Specifications optical sight POSP 2,5-5x24-T (Tiger 1/400)

Technical data

Optical characteristics

Magnification, times

2,5 - 5

Light lens diameter, mm


Exit Pupil Diameter, mm

A 9.6 a 4.8

The field of view, °

8º30’ - 5º30’

The field of view, m/1000 m

148 - 96

Resolution limit, sec, not more

20 - 10

The removal of exit pupil, mm

77 - 61




Rangefinder reticle


Scalable mesh







1.5 V, 1хАА

The use of the weapon

The displacement of the aiming point during the rotation of the handwheel at 0.5 division, mm/100 m


Types of weapons, which is set

The carbine "Tiger", SKS

Physical and operational characteristics

Range of working temperatures, °C



Strap side dovetail







Overall dimensions, mm

300 x 154 x 70

Country of origin


Lens diameter (mm)
2.5 — 5
Field of view (deg)
5.5 — 8.5
Exit pupil diameter (mm)
4.8 — 9.6
Eye Relief (mm)
Case material
aluminum alloy
The coverage of the case
SVD / AK side rail
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
290 × 140 × 70
Gross weight 1 (kg)