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Sighting system POSP 4-8х42Т with LCC-OHMS (EST)

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Out of stock

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The main purpose sighting system POSP 4-8х42Т with LCC-OHMS (EST)

Sighting system POSP 4-8х42Т with LCC-OM (ECT) is used to increase the range and accuracy of target shooting to hunting carbines "Tiger", SKS and similar weapons. With a telescopic sight the production of "Zenit-BelOMO" - POSP 4-8х42Т. This is a great sight with a large exit pupil distance. Made by the use of hunting rifles based on the AK, RPK, SVD. The device can be operated in a wide temperature range (-50°C to +50°C) waterproof, shock-resistant metal case. When shooting in conditions of poor visibility used the illuminated reticle. Mesh – type PSO with distance scale and the scale of adjustments based on the wind or motion of objects.

When shooting at short range, firing rate, and increasing the speed of the targeting complex integrated laser pointer production "ECT Prim" - LCC-OHM. Its use significantly reduces the aiming time, increase accuracy and speed of firing at short and medium distances in low visibility conditions. The system is designed for installation on hunting rifles on the basis of the SVD "Tiger", SKS and similar. If needed, installation on carbines "Vepr", "saiga", it is sufficient to mount this type of guide rail (sold separately).

The main technical characteristics of rifle scope POSP 4-8х42Т with LCC-OM (Tiger, SKS)

  • Robust design, shock-resistant housing, a high degree of moisture protection
  • Fasteners for installation on the side of the base Armory carbines SKS or "Tiger"
  • Optical sight with interchangeable magnification
  • Lens diameter of 42 mm, the ratio of rifle scope 4x-8x
  • Oral sight is filled with nitrogen, the operating temperature range of +50°C...-50°C
  • Angular field of view of 2.5°and 5°
  • Reticle PSO with light, range-finding scale and the scale of the amendments to the wind
  • Laser pointer with a wavelength of 0,635 µm (red)
  • Light spot diameter not more than 25 mm at 25 m distance
  • The range of visibility of the light spot in a dark time – up to 300 m
  • Compact size and light weight

Design features of sighting system on the base of POSP 4-8х42Т/LCC-OM

Sighting system (PCs) on the base of POSP 4-8х42Т/LCC-OM combines all the necessary equipment for effective and quick aiming, high-quality shooting at long distances and at a small distance from the target. All equipment is compact on the same mount, does not require the installation of additional weapons-grade bases or mechanical modifications to the weapons. Mount is quick detachable, that is to install a PC on the weapon does not require the use of the tool and takes only a few seconds. When you do this, adjust the sight and laser pointer is necessary only once – in the future, when the installation is complete coincidence of all the settings and redo STP.

For accurate shooting at long range PC equipped with a removable optical sight multiplicity POSP 4-8х42Т with lens 42 mm magnification 4-8x. The simplicity and speed adjustment by means of an open drum with a step of 100mm/100m, the possibility of a return to the zero position. To adjust the angle of sight (depending on the distance to the target) at the top has the flywheel with the scale of angles of sight. To determine the range will help the reticle PSO with distance scale and the scale of lateral amendments (for example, allowing for wind or target movement). When shooting at dusk has an led backlight of the scale (red).

If necessary, firing at short range optical sight is ineffective. In this case, the applied laser designator laser target designator. It provides so-called "visual tracking of line of sight". Bright red marker with small dimensions (only 25 mm at 25 m distance) can be seen almost on any surface and at a great distance – visibility of the light spot up to 300 meters. For further questions about the appointment, mount weapons, technical and operational characteristics, the purchase and delivery of sighting system POSP 4-8х42Т with LCC-OM – call the specialists of our online store by phone (495) 989-10-56 . In the item card there is a special tab where you can read or leave reviews about the product.

Package includes:

  • Optical sight POSP 4-8х42Т with backlight – 1 PC.
  • Laser target designator laser target designator OHMS- 1 PC.
  • The closure of textile - 2 pieces
  • The element lithium CR123A 1 PC.
  • Passport

Technical characteristics the impact of the complex on the base of POSP 4-8х42Т/LCC-OM

Technical data

Sighting system on the base of POSP 4-8х42Т/LCC-OM

The optical characteristics of the sight POSP 4-8х42

Magnification, times


Lens diameter, mm


Field of View, deg


Resolution limit, sec. no more


The removal of exit pupil, mm


Exit Pupil Diameter, mm

10,5 5,3...




Rangefinder reticle


Scalable mesh


Led backlight


The illumination color


Laser target designator laser target designator-OM

The wavelength of the laser radiation

(color), mcm.

0, 635

Laser radiation power, mW


The diameter of the light spot at a distance

25 meters, mm


Range of working temperatures, °C

-20 ... +40

Physical and operational characteristics

Fastening on the weapon

Quick: "Dovetail" side

Designed for weapons

The carbines "Tiger", SKS





Operating temperature range, °C


Overall dimensions, mm


Weight, kg



EST, OOO, Tula, Russia

Lens diameter (mm)
4 — 8
The distance of no parallax (m)
SVD / AK side rail
Illumination of a grid
FFP reticle (first focal plane)
Country of origin
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
350 × 160 × 80
Gross weight 1 (kg)