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Sighting system POSP 4x24 T with LCC-OHMS (EST)

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The main purpose sighting system POSP 4x24 T with LCC-OHMS (EST)

Sighting system POSP 4x24 T with LCC-ST (EST) is designed for installation on the side bar hunting carbines "Tiger", SKS OP all modifications. The product is able to increase the efficiency of fire, as at small distances and on the distance more than 300 m. complete sighting system includes an optical sight POSP 4x24 T and a laser target designator laser target designator. Day optics of the complex allows to conduct aimed fire at targets that are at a great distance, and with the help of a laser telecasts possible to fire at targets located in close proximity, for example, hunting from the blind.

POSP 4x24 T - product of the production of "Zenit-BelOMO", this is a great sight with a large exit pupil distance (mm 68). Sighting system can be operated in a wide temperature range - from -50 to +50°C. Riflescope is made in weatherproof metal housing. When shooting in conditions of poor visibility you can always use an illuminated reticle that has a range finding scale, and the scale of amendments to the wind or the movement of objects. On matters relating to the appointment, methods of mounting arms, the technical and operational characteristics, the purchase and delivery of sighting system POSP 4x24 T with LCC-OM – call the managers of our online store by phone (495) 989-10-56 . In addition, in the item card there is a special tab page, where you can leave questions or feedback about the product.

The main technical characteristics of rifle scope POSP 4x24 T with LCC-OM (Tiger, SKS)

  • Robust design, shock-resistant housing, a high degree of moisture protection
  • Fasteners for installation on the side of the base Armory carbines SKS or "Tiger"
  • Riflescope with 4x magnification
  • Objective lens diameter 24 mm
  • Angle field of view 6°
  • Reticle PSO with light, range-finding scale and the scale of the amendments to the wind
  • The optical channels of the sight are filled with dried nitrogen
  • Laser pointer with a wavelength of 0,635 µm (red)
  • Light spot diameter not more than 25 mm at 25 m distance
  • The range of visibility of the light spot in a dark time – up to 300 m
  • Operating temperature range +50°C...-50°C

Design features of sighting system on the base of POSP 4x24 T/LCC-OM

Sighting system ECT made on the basis of the optical sight POSP 4x24 T installed laser target designator laser target designator. Attachments are located on one mount and does not require installation of additional gun databases or any revision of the weapons. Quick release mount allows you to mount a sighting system in a few seconds. Zeroing of the sight and the laser designator spot with pole-arms when you re-install is not required. To quickly adjust the sight to the desired distance by using a trimming drum with a step of 100mm/100m, which has the possibility of a return to the zero position.

To adjust the angle of sight (changes in range), you can use the handwheel with a scale of angles of sight. To calculate the distance to the goal will help rangefinder reticle reticle PSO, and the scale of lateral amendments will help you to fine tune the optics allowing for wind or target movement. When shooting with insufficient lighting such as at dusk has an led backlight of the scale (red). During intensive firing at short distances, where the optical sight is ineffective, you can always use the laser pointer. Bright red light marker will be clearly visible on the surface of the target. It should be noted that the spot designator are distinguishable at distances up to 300 meters. The use of laser illumination can significantly increase the efficiency of fire.

Package includes:

  • Optical sight POSP 4x24 T illuminated – 1 PC.
  • Laser target designator laser target designator OHMS- 1 PC.
  • The closure of textile - 2 pieces
  • The element lithium CR123A 1 PC.
  • The passport of the product
  • Warranty card

Technical characteristics the impact of the complex on the base of POSP 4x24 T/LCC-OM

Technical data

Sighting system on the base of POSP 4x24 T/LCC-OM

The optical characteristics of the sight POSP 4x24 T

Magnification, times


Lens diameter, mm


Field of View, deg


Resolution limit, sec. no more


The removal of exit pupil, mm


Exit Pupil Diameter, mm





Rangefinder reticle


Scalable mesh


Led backlight


The illumination color



AG-13 (CR1/3N) - 2 pieces

Laser target designator laser target designator-OM

The wavelength of the laser radiation

(color), mcm.

0, 635

Laser radiation power, mW


The diameter of the light spot at a distance

25 meters, mm


Range of working temperatures, °C

-20 ... +40

Physical and operational characteristics

Fastening on the weapon

Quick: "Dovetail" side

Designed for weapons

The carbines "Tiger", SKS





Operating temperature range, °C


Overall dimensions, mm


Weight, kg



EST, OOO, Tula, Russia

Technical details

The designator laser target designator-OM in the composition of the POSP 4x24


Laser target designator – a laser designator

STP - the average point of impact

Memory – charger

Laser target designator laser target designator-OM is intended for formation on the purpose of the light spot, combined with pole-arms and consists in the composition of the sight type, POSP 4x24.

Rifle scope POSP 4x24

POSP 4x24-optical sight with illumination grid is designed for aimed shooting from hunting and sporting rifle type weapons saiga, Tigr, Vepr in the daytime and dusk when the visibility condition targets and to monitor the area and search target. the device of illumination of a reticle allows to aim in twilight conditions.

The sight has a parabolic distance measuring scale (distance 1000 m. or 400 m.) for the purpose of height 1.7 m.

Specifications POSP 4x24

Magnification, times 4
The diameter of the lens, mm 24
Angle field of view, deg 6°
Exit Pupil Diameter, mm 6
The removal of exit pupil, mm 68
Overall dimensions, mm 337х136х72
Weight 0,6
voltage 1.5 V (AA)

Specifications LCC-OM

The wavelength of laser radiation, µm.

Laser radiation power, mW,not less 3
The diameter of the light spot at a distance of 25 m, mm, not more 25
Range of working temperatures, °C -20+40
The total time of continuous operation from one set of batteries in intermittent operation, hour, not less 2
The range of vision spots at night, not less 300
The mass of the LCC, no more than 90
Full battery life, cycles charge-discharge 300

The completeness of the LCC-OM

Marking Name The number
LCC-OM the laser designator in the part of the sight 1
Memory charger 1
D-0,125 battery (LCC) 3
led display backlight red, green 2
packaging 1
Fastener textile 2
LCC-OM PS Passport 1

Device LCC-OM

Structurally, the LCC consists of a cylindrical housing, back cover, Flex cable with power button.
On the front of the case LCC are two adjustment screws and a label for orientation.
Structurally, the rear cover products are made in the form of a cover of the gun shop, and installed on the product instead.
Back cover is the battery compartment laser pointer.

Output window laser sight is protected by a special glass and allows for periodic cleaning of contaminants.

Preparation for work and operation procedure.

6.1 the Mixing of the light spot of a laser target designator with an average aiming point (STP).
For the information of the light spot of a laser target designator with STP should:
To select a target at a distance of 50 m.
Successive rotation of the adjusting screws to achieve alignment of the spot with the aiming point, including short-term LCC using the power button. Rotation of the adjusting screws moves the light spot in two perpendicular directions.
Recommend process, information to cease when rotating the adjustment screws clockwise.
Attention! When eversion of the screws to prevent protrusion of the heads of corps, LCC and not to make significant efforts.
To verify the correctness of information spots with LCC STP trial shot.
6.2 charging the batteries the LCC.
in the process of operation and storage laser pointer battery discharged. In case of reduction of the illumination spot or after storage LCC more than 1 month, you must charge the batteries.
To charge the batteries you must:
Remove the back cover of the LCC;
To withdraw from the battery compartment and place them one at a time into the battery charger (ZU), observing the polarity with the "+" terminal to the outside;
Close the lid of the memory;
Insert the memory to the network 220V, 50 Hz.
Time to full charge the batteries for 16 hours;
At the end of the battery, you must disable the memory from the network;
Install the batteries alternately to the LCC;
To wrap the cover until it stops; to believe the presence of radiation by clicking on the power button.
Attention! 1. Not allowed the full discharge of the batteries.
2. Prohibits the polarity of the batteries in the laser pointer. This can bring the LCC out of action.

Specifying security measures.

LCC includes a source of laser radiation.
When using the LCC it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight and mirror of laser radiation in the eye.


In use, be kept clean, protected from bumps. Contamination with a protective glass of a laser target designator to remove with a clean cloth moistened with alcohol or Cologne.
Monthly check the condition of the batteries and if necessary replace them.


The device is stored in packaging in dry heated and ventilated premises. Do not store the device in areas where there are harmful substances: alkalis, acids; and away from sources of heat.
During prolonged storage it is necessary to remove the batteries.

Information about the repair.

A storage warranty period - 1 year from date of manufacture.
The warranty period is 1 year from the date of sale through retail trade network.
Attention! When purchasing one must check the correctness of entries in the passport;
Conformity of factory numbers to the number indicated in the passport;
completeness; the sales date and shop stamp.

For repair, contact the place of purchase.
Wholesale supply: JSC firm "Gimehks", Moscow

Lens diameter (mm)
The distance of no parallax (m)
SVD / AK side rail
Illumination of a grid
Country of origin
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
280 × 160 × 80
Gross weight 1 (kg)