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Sighting system POSP 6x42 with the LCC-ST (EST)

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The main purpose sighting system POSP 6х42В with LCC-OHMS (EST)

Sighting system POSP 6х42В with LCC-OM (DBE) enables fast and accurate targeting at large distances. Greatly increases the efficiency and speed of the impact of fire on short and medium distances. It includes a day optical sight constant multiplicity POSP 6х42В production of "BelOMO" (Belarus). Equipped with bracket for installation on hunting rifles "saiga" and "Vepr" of various modifications. The sight is designed for use in difficult weather and temperature conditions, has a sealed enclosure that protects the unit from moisture and dirt. Thanks reticle PSO with backlight, you can maintain accurate fire at distances over 300 meters, calculate the distance to the target, to make changes given the range of target, wind, movement of the object.

When shooting at short distances applies tactical laser designator laser target designator. It is much easier pointing at the target at short and medium distances, allows to conduct operational fire when the telescopic sight could not be used. Effective when the tempo of fire for short distances. Arrow no need to use an open sight, the direction of fire is controlled by the laser marker. The device is extremely simple to use and configure, requires minimal adjustment. The sequence of reconciliations, and reduction of beam with STP, as well as additional information about the LCC-OM can learn from the detailed instructions that you can download on the product page in the tab "downloads".

The main technical characteristics of rifle scope POSP 6х42В with LCC-Ω (saiga, Vepr)

  • Installation on carbines "saiga", "Vepr" (side "dovetail" 12 mm), mounting can be replaced by another – for installation on carbines SKS or "Tiger" (sold separately)
  • Equipped with a quick release type mount
  • Saving settings of the riflescope when re-installing
  • Lens diameter of 42 mm, the ratio of sight 6x
  • Field of view angle 4°
  • Exit pupil Ø 6. 75 mm, a distance of 75 mm
  • Reticle PSO, the range-finding scale of 1.5/1000
  • Open drums to set the angular and lateral adjustments
  • Led reticle illumination (red)
  • Spill-resistant high-impact housing
  • Nitrogen filled operating temperature range +50...-40°C
  • The wavelength of laser designator 0.65 µm (red color)
  • The size of the light marker not more than 25 mm at 25 m distance
  • The range of visibility marker at night to 300 m
  • The remote host enable

Design features of sighting system on the base of POSP 6х42В/LCC-OM

Sighting system (PCs) on the base of POSP 6х42В/LCC-ST is equipped with optical sight the production of "Zenit-BelOMO" POSP 6х42В constant magnification 6x diameter of lens 42mm. The removal of the exit pupil is 75 mm, while the diameter of 6.75 mm. this weapon is comfortable to use even without any additional devices of the retractable type or of podsednik. Reticle PSO, thanks to the rangefinder scale is 1.5/1000, gives the possibility to determine the distance to the object. Open drums settings allow you to make angular changes or the wind or the movement of the target. In low light conditions use built-in illuminated reticle. In the daytime retractable lens hood on the lens protects the optics from exposure to the sun's rays.

Sighting system is equipped with a quick release type mount on the carbines "saiga", "Vepr". When you flop shooting, shooting on the move, firing at a short distance in the position of the weapon from the hip and other cases where it is not practical to use optical sight, the most effective is the use of a laser target designator laser target designator. Control point of access to weapons is conducted visually by the bright red marker laser beam on the surface of the target. The size of the light marker not more than 25 mm at a distance of 25 m. the Spot marker seen at a distance of up to 300m. Have questions about the appointment, mount weapons, technical and operational characteristics, the purchase and delivery of sighting system POSP 6х42В with LCC-OM – contact the experts of our online store by phone (495) 989-10-56 . In the item card there is a special tab where you can read or leave reviews about the product.

Package includes:

  • Optical sight POSP 6х42В in collecting – 1 PCs.
  • Laser target designator laser target designator OHMS- 1 PC.
  • The closure of textile - 2 pieces
  • The element lithium CR123A 1 PC.
  • Passport

Technical characteristics the impact of the complex on the base of POSP 6х42В/LCC-OM

Technical data

Sighting system on the base of POSP 6х42В/LCC-OM

The optical characteristics of the sight POSP 6х42

Magnification, times


Lens diameter, mm


Angular field of view, deg


Resolution limit, ang. sec. no more


The removal of exit pupil, mm


Exit Pupil Diameter, mm





Rangefinder reticle


Scalable scale


Led backlight


The illumination color


Laser target designator laser target designator-OM

The wavelength of the laser radiation

(color), mcm.

0, 635

Laser radiation power, mW


The diameter of the light spot at a distance

25 meters, mm


Range of working temperatures, °C

-20 ... +40

Physical and operational characteristics

Fastening on the weapon

Quick: guide "Dovetail" side

Designed for weapons

The Carbines "Saiga", "Vepr"





Operating temperature range, °C


Overall dimensions, mm


Weight, kg



EST, OOO, Tula, Russia

Lens diameter (mm)
The distance of no parallax (m)
SVD / AK side rail
Illumination of a grid
Country of origin