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Viewing loupe LP 2

Internal code: 6781
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Out of stock

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The main purpose of the look-up magnifying glass 2x LP

Viewing loupe LP 2 - small optical device that will allow you to examine in detail small objects. Great tool for collectors, for which it is important to determine the authenticity of the picture, banknotes or coins, postage stamps, and the like. Magnifier will be indispensable for people with visual impairments, as it will allow you to read texts written in small font. Magnifier 2x LP made in the polymer frame, durable and lightweight. Lens made of optic glass on which coated with a special coating that performs the function of antistatic. The device weighs very little (only 60 grams) you can carry in your pocket or bag, so he was on hand at the right moment.

The main characteristics of the look-up magnifying glass 2x LP

  • The lens is made of optical glass
  • Lightweight and durable polymer frame
  • Increase 2
  • Focal length 205 mm
  • Light lens diameter 56 mm
  • Dimensions 176х67х10 mm
  • Weight 0.06 kg
  • Full compliance with GOST 25706-83

For additional questions about performance, warranty obligations, purchase or delivery of look-up magnifying glass 2x LP contact the specialists of our online store by phone (495) 989-10-56. In the item card on the website there is a special form where you can ask questions online and to give feedback.

The package

  • Loupe PL 2 1 PC.
  • Packaging
  • Warranty card

Technical characteristics of the look-up magnifying glass 2x LP

Technical data

Viewing loupe LP 2

Optical characteristics

Magnification, times


The diameter of the lenses (rimless), mm


Focal length, mm


Physical and operational characteristics

Lens material

Optical glass

Frame material




Dimensions, mm


Weight, kg


2 — —
Case material
Country of origin