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T-ring for Nikon

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The main purpose of the T-ring for Nikon

The main purpose of the T-ring for Nikon cameras is to pair the telescope and SLR camera (DSLR) with the removed lens. With the help of this T-ring you can use your telescope as a telephoto lens for shooting celestial bodies such as planets and satellites of the Solar System, distant galaxies and star clusters. It should also be noted that for photography you will see mountain landscapes, flat landscapes, wild animals, birds, etc.

Key features of the T-ring Nikon

  • The telescope mount: T-thread (thread diameter 42 mm, pitch 0.75 mm)
  • Mount the camera: mount standard Nikon

The design features a T-ring Nikon

Before attaching a digital camera Nikon you need to make sure that the telescope is equipped with a M42 thread with a pitch of 0.75. To attach the camera to the telescope you should use the appropriate T-ring. The T-adapter focuser or telescope welling T-ring and then attaches to the camera with bayoneting connection. Threaded adapter (T-ring) provides a rigid connection of a digital camera and a focuser of the telescope, without disturbing the precise orientation of the telescope relative to the lens of camera used.

In case, if the length of the focuser is not sufficient, you can always use the T-ring by aligning it with the T-adapter or a Barlow lens. It should be remembered that manufacturers of cameras use different standards mount lenses (mounts), respectively, of a specific digital camera fits a certain type of T-rings. For more information on the technical characteristics of the T-ring Nikon contact us by phone 8 (495) 989 56 10 or via the website of our online store, leaving your question in a special form.

Attention! T-ring Nikon not designed for attachment to DSLR cameras of the Soviet production (Zenit, etc.), as the lenses of these cameras have a M42 thread with step 1.

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