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Tactical folding butt stock FAB Defense boar 12K (UAS-VEPR)

Internal code: 6364
16,500 Р Last price: 16 500 RUB
Approx. 225 USD

The main purpose of a tactical folding stock UAS-Vepr for "Vepr 12 Molot" (FAB-Defense)

Tactical folding stock UAS-Vepr for "Vepr 12 Molot" (FAB-Defense) is an excellent replacement of the factory wood or metal stock, provides a more reliable fixation of arms on the shoulder, clear of the recoil control. Butt UAS-Vepr used to replace regular plastic or wood collapsible buttstock on different versions of HPE 205 "Vepr 12 Molot" as well as on entertainment airsoft "replicas" of this weapon. Equipped with a retractable podsednik for 5 positions, the height of which can be set depending on the installed optics and the individual preferences of the shooter. Tylnik made of rubber reduces kick butt in the shoulder when serving, non-slip.

Made of composite materials, FAB defense buttstock for Vepr has less weight improves the overall balance of weapons. For further questions regarding operational or technical characteristics, warranties, purchase or delivery of tactical collapsible buttstock for Vepr 12K (UAS-Vepr) contact the specialists of our online store by phone (495) 989-10-56. In the item card on the website there is a special form where you can ask questions online and to give feedback.

Main technical characteristics tactical buttstock (foldable) UAS-Vepr (FAB-Defense)

  • The reliability of the design and ease of use
  • Fasteners butt is manufactured in accordance with the shape, the size of the factory mounts, so installation does not require modifications of the weapon
  • The butt is designed for harsh environments, not afraid of rust, dirt, sand
  • Butt material – durable polymer composite, the fasteners are metal, tylnik – rubber
  • Height-adjustable podsednik (five height adjustments), maximum height of 35 mm
  • Two mounts for mounting quick detachable swivels SLS, hole for installation of a gun belt (sling swivel and strap not included)
  • Compact design, dimensions mm 235х42х126
  • Weight 0.45 kg

The design features a tactical stock for "Vepr 12" (FAB-Defense)

Tactical buttstock for "Vepr 12" (FAB-Defense) are equipped with rubber ventilated tylnik, which partially compensates for the recoil, provides a secure lock in the shoulder and great control of the weapon during firing. Through the use of lightweight but very durable composite reinforced polymer has a small mass. The material of the stock is not amenable to corrosion, resistant to mechanical and thermal influences. Installation in regular places of fastenings of the factory stock.

FAB defense butt stock is equipped with a retractable podsednik. The greatest height to which it extends is 35 mm (5 positions). Since the standard M4 type rifle butts on the profile a little lower, then when you set the optical sight height-adjustable podsednik will allow the arrow to adjust to the different height of mounting optics. The butt has a standard slot for fastening gun belt (in the back) and 2 holes for mounting quick detachable swivels SLS (sold separately).

Attention! It is not recommended to perform the installation yourself, it is advisable to take the help of experts in the Armory workshop.

Package includes:

  • Folding stock (UAS-Vepr) in collecting - 1 PCs.
  • Packaging

Specifications tactical folding stock UAS-Vepr (FAB-Defense)

Technical data

Tactical folding butt UAS-Vepr (FAB-Defense)

Fastening on the weapon

DC: instead of standard butt



Additional equipment

Retractable podsednik (5 positions)

Designed for weapons

VPO-205 "Vepr 12 Molot" various modifications

Physical and operational characteristics


Polymer composite



Dimensions, mm


Dimensions with extended podsednik, mm


Weight, kg



FAB-Defense Tactical Equipment and Weapon Accessories, Israel

FAB Defense
Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Dimensions (mm)
42 × 126 × 235
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
365 × 154 × 67
Net weight (kg)
Gross weight 1 (kg)
Part manufacturer