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Telescope Sturman 1400150

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The main purpose of the telescope Sturman 1400150

Telescope Sturman 1400150 - powerful telescope, mounted Equatorial mount EQIII. This optical device is the perfect purchase for beginners astronomical observations. Powerful optics the telescope is able to show not only all the beauty of the planets of the Solar system, but also a great variety of deep sky objects. The maximum useful magnification 325 times and excellent optical characteristics create good conditions for observing long-distance space. You can observe distant stars and galaxies, the famous Andromeda Nebula, double and variable stars, globular clusters, and many other amazing objects in the Universe.

Telescope Sturman 1400150 built in optical scheme Newton's reflector c lens corrector with a diameter of апертуры150 millimeters and a focal length of 1400 mm. This scheme is highly reliable and resistant to temperature extremes and other adverse factors. About this model telescope, you can say this is an extremely unpretentious and always ready to observing a powerful optical tool that can help Amateur astronomers with a head dive into the wonderful world of observations.

Expand the capabilities of the telescope Sturman 1400150

In our online store you can always purchase additional accessories that will greatly expand the capabilities of your telescope:

  1. Having a small set of additional eyepieces of different magnification, you will be able to select the optimal settings magnification telescope to observe a particular object.
  2. Sets of filters, will help reduce the brightness of the received image to a comfortable eye-level without any loss in quality. This is a very necessary accessory when observing the surface of the moon and bright stars.

If you have questions about the design features and technical characteristics of the telescope Sturman 1400150, the managers of our online store are ready to advise you by phone (495) 989-10-56. You can also post your question on the website, and we will promptly get back to you.

The main characteristics of the telescope Sturman 1400150

  • The optical design of the reflecting telescope Newton (spherical mirror with corrector lens)
  • Aperture with a diameter of 150 mm
  • Focal length 1400 mm
  • The diameter of the eyepiece 31,7 mm (1.25")
  • 2 eyepiece 1,25" with the increasing 56х (25 mm) and 215х (6.5 mm)
  • Maximum useful magnification 325х
  • The penetrating power (magnitude limit) 12,9
  • The resolution of 0.77" (arc seconds)
  • Optical finder 6х30
  • Mount type Equatorial EQIII
  • Aluminum tripod with shelf for accessories

Design features of the telescope Sturman 1400150

Telescope Sturman 1400150 mounted on a Equatorial mount EQIII with micrometer screws in both axes. Mastering the manual control of the exact mechanics of the mount will not cause difficulties even for inexperienced users and will add a unique flavor to the fascinating process of observation. The mount comes with a counterweight bar and by installing that, you will get a very smooth mechanics. To visit and accompany the objects will be very simple.

For precise pointing of the telescope and quickly find the necessary object, you can use the optical finder that attaches directly to the tube of the telescope. Take a comfortable position when doing long-term observations will help adjustable height powerful tripod from aluminum. On the shelf, which is included in the kit with a tripod, you can always put additional accessories that may be needed in the process of observation. It can be: filters, additional eyepieces, star charts, etc.

Package includes:

  • Telescope Sturman 1400150
  • Equatorial mount EQIII
  • Two-section aluminum tripod with shelf for accessories
  • Eyepieces: 1,25" with the increasing 56х (25 mm) and 215х (6.5 mm)
  • Lens Barlow 2x
  • Moon filter
  • Optical finder 6х30
  • The manual
  • Warranty card

The manufacturer can change the package without displaying in the product description, so check the packaging of the telescope with managers.

Technical characteristics of the telescope Sturman 1400150

Technical data

Sturman 1400150

Type of telescope
Optical scheme
Newton's reflector (spherical mirror with corrector lens)
The focus method
Rack And Pinion, Focuser
Light diameter, mm
Focal length, mm
The minimum useful magnification, times
The maximum useful magnification, times
Limiting stellar magnitude, m
Resolution, " (ang. seconds)
Equatorial EQIII with mechanisms of thin movements and a counterbalance
Control of the telescope
Type Manual
Consumer characteristics
Bore diameter for eyepieces
31,7 mm (1.25")
Optical 6х30
Two-piece with a shelf for accessories
Physical and operational characteristics
Lens materialGlass
The weight of a telescope
Material of tripodAluminium
Dimensions in packing, mm
Lens diameter (mm)
21 — 375
Optical designs
Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
870 × 460 × 330
Net weight (kg)
Gross weight 1 (kg)