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Telescope Sturman 30030TX

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The purpose of the telescope Sturman 30030TX

For those who first became interested in the amazing beauty of the Solar system and deep Space, we recommend Sturman 30030TX - lens telescope-achromatic objectives entry level with a fixed 30x magnification, perfect for curious students and children over 6 years. Assembly and installation on a tripod does not require additional knowledge or tools, 5 minutes, and the telescope is ready to review the observations of the night sky. Pack optical tube, tripod and accessories in a compact plastic suitcase with a sturdy handle and safely transport the instrument in the car or carry in hand - all will be safe and sound.

The model is recommended for initial astronomical observations of the planets and the Moon (with installation on a desktop tripod), suitable for ground-based observations as the telescope.


The tool is designed for children over 6 years, to use in the daytime only in the presence of adults.

Attention! You can not move the telescope are bright sources of light and laser radiation. Remember that the observation of the Sun without sun filter lead to irreversible damage to the retina. Do not use the filter for any defects in the film.

Basic parameters and properties of the telescope Sturman 30030TX

  • Relative aperture F/10, lens diameter 30 mm, focal length - 300 mm
  • Optical design - achromatic refractor
  • Limiting stellar magnitude - 9.5 m
  • Fixed eyepiece with a focal length of 10 mm (30x)
  • Alt-azimuth mount
  • Desktop aluminum tripod
  • Plastic pack bag size 40x20 cm, gross weight less than 1 kg

Design features of the telescope Sturman 30030TX

Refractor telescopes are less sensitive to adverse conditions than reflectors, and does not require additional alignment. Achromatic lens is used to reduce the chromatism and aberration. Telescope tube is mounted on a conventional fork Alt-azimuth mount with one mounting screw. Manage and restore is manual, does not require specific knowledge and the power of each student. To increase the multiplicities to two or three times, use a Barlow lens (sold separately).

As can be seen:

With Sturman 30030TX and under the guidance of the adult the child will gain a basic knowledge of astronomical observations, characterized by the position of the planets in the night sky, and even find the moon craters with a diameter of 20 km Before it opens an amazing and fascinating world, which will want to know more. Detailed and accurate information about telescopes and accessories , contact our managers by phone +7 (495) 989-10-56 or ask questions on the website of the online store. Just ask us — we will reply!

Package includes:

  • Telescope Sturman 30030TX
  • Azimuth fork mount
  • Desktop aluminum tripod
  • The user manual and warranty card

Technical characteristics of the telescope Sturman 30030TX

Technical data

Sturman 30030TX

Type of telescope
Optical scheme
The achromatic objectives
Light diameter, mm
Focal length, mm
The minimum useful magnification, times
The maximum useful magnification, times
Limiting stellar magnitude, m
Resolution, " (ang. seconds)
Control of the telescope
Type Manual
Consumer characteristics
Bore diameter for eyepieces
Built-in eyepiece
Physical and operational characteristics
Lens material Glass
The weight of a telescope
Material of tripod Aluminium
Dimensions in packing, mm
Lens diameter (mm)
4 — 75
Optical designs
Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
360 × 200 × 90
Net weight (kg)
Gross weight 1 (kg)