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Telescope 60700 Sturman

Internal code: 7691
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Cheap long-focus refractor-achromatic objectives entry-level Sturman 60700 suitable for actionability the planets of the Solar system and contrast objects like the Moon's surface and binary stars. Smaller aperture of 60 mm and a prism diagonal make the device convenient for ground-based observations.

Parameters and functions

  • Coated optics
  • Achromatic lens a lens 60 mm
  • Focal length 700 mm
  • Relative aperture f/12
  • The increase from the base of the eyepiece – 35x, 78x, 140x
  • The increase in the base multiplicity 3 times with lens Barlow 3x
  • Correctly oriented (top/bottom) when you install image diagonal prism 45 deg.
  • Azimuth fork mount with swivel handle
  • Metal-tripod, a shelf for accessories
  • Quick Assembly and adjustment without screwdrivers and keys

Design features and use

Buying a telescope 60700 Navigator, you get a starter set for astronomical observations. Refractor, unlike the reflecting telescope, less frequent re-collimation, little reacts to temperature changes and ensures a homogeneous image with the highest possible contrast. Of secondary chromatic, like purple halos around stars, are minimized due to the relative holes of 1/12, and a small field of view. Increases the detail of the planetary discs better different small low-contrast details.

With the 60-mm lens and eyepieces 5, 9 and 20 mm are available for investigation:

  • the polar caps of Mars and lunar craters with a diameter of 8-9 km
  • satellites of the planets of the Solar system
  • large clusters and double stars like Mizar with a resolution of 2 arcmin.sec.
  • weak stars with extremely affordable the magnitude of 11.5 m

When installing diagonal prism 45 deg. the observer receives correctly oriented (top/bottom) image and comfortable viewing high objects. Long lens in conjunction with the Barlow lens works as a lens Parvula and gives about 1.5 times smaller residual chromatism than a normal refractor-achromatic objectives.

Azimuth mount smaller and lighter than Equatorial, by design, resembles the head of an ordinary tripod and does not require special skills in guidance. Metal tripod is height adjustable and keeps the structural strength and precision balancing.

Package includes:

  • prism diagonal 45°
  • eyepieces 5mm (140x), 9 mm (78x), 20 mm (35x)
  • lens Barlow 3x
  • viewfinder 5x24
  • tripod with adjustable height supports
  • azimuth fork mount
  • cloth for optics
  • manual

To buy a telescope Sturman (Navigator) in azimuth with the mount order on our online store or call by multichannel phone 8 (code 495) 989-10-56. Always in stock the accessories for the observations :

  • protective solar filter
  • filters for contrast-highlighting or "mute" the brightness
  • heater protivirusni to protect the optics from irrigation and sandawana


Technical data

Optical scheme
achromatic refractor
The focus method
moving the eyepiece
Light diameter, mm
Focal length, mm
The minimum useful magnification, times
The maximum useful magnification, times
Limiting stellar magnitude, m
Resolution, " (ang. seconds)
Aperture 1:12
Type mount
Eyepieces 5mm (140x),9 mm (78x), 20 mm (35x)
Prism Diagonal, 45 degrees.
Optical 5x24
Aluminum with height adjustment
Lens diameter (mm)
8 — 160
Resolution, " (ang. seconds)
Optical designs
Country of origin
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
760 × 245 × 170
Gross weight 1 (kg)