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Telescope F30070M Sturman

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The main purpose of the telescope F30070M Sturman

Telescope F30070M Sturman - the perfect optical instrument for a first acquaintance with the amazing world of astronomical observations. The optical design of the telescope - achromatic refractor with a lens diameter of 70 mm and a focal length of 300 mm. Maximum useful magnification which can be achieved on this model telescope is 175 times. If you are using standard accessories such as Barlow Lenses 3 together with the 6mm eyepiece you will get 150X magnification, which is sufficient not only for observing the planets of the Solar system, but also for objects in ultra-long space.

Sturman F30070M telescope installed on an Alt-azimuthal mount that does not require settings to observations and extremely easy to use. The mount has an elongated control stick, with which you can easily bring your telescope at an interesting object. It should be noted that Sturman F30070M can also be used as a powerful telescope, watching the city scenery or natural landscapes. The compact size of the device will allow you to go with the telescope outside the city and to enjoy great views not only of the night sky, but also wildlife.


Attention! It is forbidden to direct the telescope at the Sun without special aperture filter, to sources of bright lighting, laser and ultraviolet radiation. This can cause irreparable damage to eyes.

The main characteristics of the telescope F30070M Sturman

  • The optical design of the telescope - achromatic refractor
  • Focal length 300 mm
  • Lens diameter 70 mm
  • The range of useful magnification: 10 - 175х
  • Diagonal mirror 90°
  • Barlow lens 3x, image erecting lens 1.5 x
  • 2 eyepiece with a rim diameter of 24.5 mm (of 0.965"): 20mm (15x) and 6mm (50x)
  • Alt-azimuth mount
  • Aluminum table tripod (maximum height of the telescope on the tripod — 485 mm)

Design features of the telescope F30070M Sturman

Rich equipment telescope F30070M Sturman, and also the ease of Assembly and management will immediately begin observations immediately after unpacking the device. Use the diagonal mirror, which shifts the axis of the ocular at an angle of 90 degrees from the axis of observation, and table tripod you can observe from a comfortable position, e.g. sitting in a comfortable chair. Installing image erecting lens 1.5 x, you will see a live image of remote objects, and one and a half times will increase the ratio of the currently used eyepiece.

Telescope F30070M Sturman will help new fans of astronomy to plunge into the world of observations and see what is happening around you in a completely different light. We need only once to look at the night sky with your naked eye, what's not to love in this process will be impossible. Buying a telescope for their child, you are guaranteed to get the young researcher, passionate about the mysterious world of the Universe. Find out more information about the technical characteristics or all the features of the telescope F30070M Sturman you can by phone (495) 989-10-56 managers of our store telescopes. In addition, on the special tab of the goods "Ask question about product" you can leave your question and we are in the deployed form, you will answer.

Package includes:

  • Telescope F30070M Sturman
  • 2, eyepiece: 24.5 mm (of 0.965"): 20mm (15x) and 6mm (50x)
  • Diagonal mirror 90°
  • Image erecting lens 1.5 x
  • Lens Barlow 3x
  • Alt-azimuth mount
  • Table tripod aluminum
  • The user manual and warranty card.

Technical characteristics of the telescope F30070M Sturman

Technical data

Sturman F30070M

Type of telescope


Optical scheme

The achromatic objectives

Light diameter, mm


Focal length, mm


Magnification with standard eyepiece

15x (20mm), 50x (6mm)

Minimum magnification, times


Maximum magnification, ratio


Limiting stellar magnitude, m


Resolution, " (ang. seconds)





Control of the telescope



Consumer characteristics

Bore diameter for eyepieces

24.5 mm (of 0.965")


Aluminum table

Physical and operational characteristics

Lens material




Material of tripod




Dimensions, mm


The manufacturer can change the package without displaying in this description.

Lens diameter (mm)
10 — 175
Optical designs
Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
460 × 223 × 115
Net weight (kg)
Gross weight 1 (kg)