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Telescope Sturman F36050M

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The main purpose of the telescope Sturman F36050M

Telescope Sturman F36050M - achromatic refractor with a focal length of 360 mm and a lens diameter of 50 mm, can become an indispensable tool for a first acquaintance with the amazing world of astronomical observations. The maximum useful magnification which can be achieved on the telescope is 125х. Using a regular eyepiece with a focal length of 6 mm and image erecting lens 1.5 x, you will get an increase in 90 times and you will see a live image of remote objects.

Rich equipment and easy operation will allow you to immediately plunge into the world of observations immediately after assembling the telescope. Compact dimensions give the opportunity to take the telescope in any trip, it slips easily into a travel backpack or travel bag. It should be noted that you can also use the telescope as a powerful spotting scopes in observation of terrestrial objects.


Attention! Do not look through the telescope at bright sources of light or laser radiation. You also can not move the telescope the Sun without a special filter aperture. This can cause irreparable injury to the retina.

What can be seen using a telescope Sturman F36050M?

  1. Planets of the Solar system

At the maximum magnification of a telescope in a regular configuration (the 90s), you can not only see the drives of the giants planets of the Solar system, but also to consider some details, namely: slick raging storms and stripes of clouds on Jupiter, Saturn's famous rings. You can also observe Mars, Venus, Uranus, Neptune and so on.

  1. The Surface Of The Moon

Optics Sturman F36050M will allow you to observe the complex surface of the moon. Before your eyes appear resulting from falls of meteorites craters, famous for the sea, the mountain placers satellite and much, much more.

  1. The deep sky objects

Pyatidesyatimetrovy aperture of the telescope will allow in addition to planets of the Solar system watch out also for the deep sky objects. You can enjoy sightseeing the beauty of the night sky, focus on the big globular clusters, the famous nebulae, etc.

The main characteristics of the telescope Sturman F36050M

  • Optical design - achromatic refractor
  • Focal length 360 mm, aperture diameter 50 mm
  • Useful magnification: 7 - 125х
  • Diagonal mirror 90°
  • Image erecting lens 1.5 x
  • 2 eyepiece with a rim diameter of 24.5 mm (of 0.965"): 20mm (18x) and 6 mm (60x)
  • Alt-azimuth mount
  • Aluminum table tripod

Design features of the telescope Sturman F36050M

Telescope Sturman F36050M - comes with Alt-azimuth mount and tabletop tripod from aluminum. The process of assembling the telescope and installing it on the mount is extremely easy, you don't even need special tools. This is the perfect purchase for young fans of astronomy. For observing objects high above you should use the diagonal mirror (90°), so you will be able from a comfortable position to conduct long-term observations.

A relay lens with a native magnification of 1.5 x will not only provide the users live image of the observed objects, but one and a half times will increase the magnification of the eyepiece is installed. Find out more information about the technical characteristics and capabilities of the telescope Sturman F36050M by contacting the managers of our store telescopes by phone (495) 989-10-56. In addition, you can ask your questions directly on the website by filling in the short form on the special tab of the required product.

Package includes:

  • Telescope Sturman F36050M
  • 2, eyepiece: 24.5 mm (of 0.965"): 20mm (18x) and 6 mm (60x)
  • Diagonal mirror 90°
  • Image erecting lens 1.5 x
  • Alt-azimuth mount
  • Table tripod aluminum
  • The user manual and warranty card.

Technical characteristics of the telescope Sturman F36050M

Technical data

Sturman F36050M

Type of telescope


Optical scheme

The achromatic objectives

Light diameter, mm


Focal length, mm


Magnification with standard eyepiece

18x (20mm), 60 (6mm)

Minimum magnification, times


Maximum magnification, ratio


Limiting stellar magnitude, m


Resolution, " (ang. seconds)





Control of the telescope



Consumer characteristics

Bore diameter for eyepieces

24.5 mm (of 0.965")


Aluminum table

Physical and operational characteristics

Lens material




Material of tripod




Dimensions in packing, mm


The manufacturer can change the package without displaying in this description.

Lens diameter (mm)
7 — 125
Optical designs
Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
460 × 223 × 115
Net weight (kg)
Gross weight 1 (kg)