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Telescope Sturman F40040M

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The main purpose of the telescope Sturman F40040M

Sturman F40040M - short-focus telescope, based on the optical scheme the achromatic refractor. Lens diameter is 40 mm and the focal length is 400 mm. Telescope mounted on an altazimuth mount, which does not require adjustment before use. You can start observing immediately after Assembly of the device. The telescope has an optical finder 4x20, which should be used for fast search of objects of observation.

The maximum useful magnification of this telescope is 100 times, but in the configuration with the standard eyepieces you will be able to increase 32x. Also, if you use the diagonal mirror (90°) you will have ocular site of the telescope in a comfortable position when observing high up objects are located. It should be remembered that when using the diagonal mirror, you'll get a direct mirror image of the object.

What can be seen using a telescope Sturman F40040M?

Telescope Sturman F40040M can be used for observations and for terrestrial objects. You can enjoy the city scenery and the beauty of natural landscapes. The small size of the telescope allow you to take it to any trip in the wilderness and see amazing wildlife. In addition, you in all its glory will open disk of our satellite the moon. You can also see planets giants of the Solar system - Jupiter and Saturn.


Attention! It is strictly forbidden to look in the telescope at the Sun without using a special aperture of the filter or its visible damage. This can cause irreparable damage to the retina.

The main characteristics of the telescope Sturman F40040M

  • Optics of the telescope is built according to the scheme - achromatic refractor
  • Focal length 400 mm
  • Lens diameter 40 mm
  • Useful magnification: 6 - 100x
  • Diagonal mirror 90°, the optical finder 4x20
  • Built-in compass with level
  • 2 eyepiece with a rim diameter of 24.5 mm (of 0.965"): 20mm (20x) and 12.5 mm (32x)
  • Alt-azimuth mount and tabletop tripod aluminum alloy

Design features of the telescope Sturman F40040M

The process of Assembly and installation of the telescope Sturman F40040M on the mount is extremely simple and takes only a few minutes. Table tripod from aluminium will help you to put the telescope in a comfortable position and comfortably carry out long-term observations. It should also be noted that the telescope has a built-in compass with location level. Focusing on objects is done with the help of rack and pinion focuser.

Sturman F40040M - perfect optical instrument, which can be purchased for a child as his first telescope. Observe the night sky, will give young researcher the sea of positive feelings and will help to make a number of true discoveries. If you have any questions concerning the technical features or capabilities of the telescope Sturman F40040M, you can call by phone (495) 989-10-56 the Manager of our store telescopes. You can also ask a question directly on the website by filling a small form on a special tab of the item you are interested.

Package includes:

  • Telescope Sturman F40040M
  • 2, eyepiece: 24.5 mm (of 0.965"): 20mm (20x) and 12.5 mm (32x)
  • Diagonal mirror 90°
  • Optical finder 4x20
  • Alt-azimuth mount
  • Table tripod aluminum
  • The user manual and warranty card.

Technical characteristics of the telescope Sturman F40040M

Technical data

Sturman F40040M

Type of telescope


Optical scheme

The achromatic objectives

Light diameter, mm


Focal length, mm


Magnification with standard eyepiece

20x (20mm), 32 (12.5 mm)

Minimum magnification, times


Maximum magnification, ratio


Limiting stellar magnitude, m

The 10.1

Resolution, " (ang. seconds)





Control of the telescope



Consumer characteristics

Bore diameter for eyepieces

24.5 mm (of 0.965")


Aluminum table

Physical and operational characteristics

Lens material




Material of tripod




Dimensions in packing, mm


The manufacturer can change the package without displaying in this description.

Lens diameter (mm)
6 — 100
Optical designs
Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
460 × 223 × 115
Net weight (kg)
Gross weight 1 (kg)