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Telescope Sturman HQ 90080 EQ2

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The purpose of the telescope Sturman HQ 90080 EQ2

Long-focus achromatic refractor 90080 Sturman HQ EQ2 with a relative aperture F/11.25 and 80-millimeter lens will be suitable as a basic tool for an overview of astronomical observations of planets, satellites and deep-sky objects (galaxies, nebulae, star clusters and double stars). Optical parameters of the substitute for strong the telescope for ground-based visual observations.

Basic characteristics of the telescope Sturman HQ 90080 EQ2

  • Refractor-achromatic objectives with compensation of the axial position and spherical aberration
  • Focal length - 900 mm, lens aperture F/11.25
  • Useful magnification in the range of 11 to 200 times
  • Multicoated lenses
  • Two full-time eyepiece with a focal length of 10 mm (90x) and 25mm (36х)
  • Optical finder 8x30
  • Diagonal mirror 45-90°
  • Seat diameter accessory - 1.25 inch
  • Mount Equatorial, type - EQ2
  • 2-section tripod: material - aluminium, height adjustment, shelf for accessories

Design features of the telescope Sturman HQ 90080 EQ2

Installation and Assembly takes 10-15 minutes and requires no additional tools. The Equatorial mount EQ2 supplied with micrometric screws on each axis, simple to use and easily mastered by novice users. Smooth running and precise mechanics help to bring an optical device and track the observed object, rotating one axis. Choose a comfortable position for a long night / day observations will help adjustable tripod: when tripod legs to the desired height and observe how you are comfortable - sitting or standing.

Diagonal mirror, breaking the optical axis for 45-90 degrees. helps to observe terrestrial and celestial bodies that are high above the horizon line. Necessary accessories - star cards, sets of lenses, eyepieces or filters, an adapter or a laser collimator, is placed on a special shelf.

The lenses are multi-coated that increases the light transmission of the optical system and provides the desired contrast and image clarity.

Enhanced functionality:

1. Additional planetary / zipskinny eyepieces are selected based on the task (time of year / day, location, type of objects of observation, etc.) and parameters of the optics used.

2. The Barlow lens installed in conjunction with the eyepieces increases the magnification of each eyepiece, and an effective focal length of the lens by 1.5-5 times (depends on the multiplicity of lenses).

3. Using a polarizing / color/ neutral filters can be reduced to a comfortable level of brightness of the visible image of the moon and bright stars, on the contrast to highlight the borders of the poles, "continents" and atmospheric currents. Solar filter - a must have accessory to study the structure of sunspots, granulation and flare fields on the Sun.

Remember that the observation of the Sun without sun filter lead to irreversible damage to the retina. Do not use the filter for any defects in the film.

As seen in the telescope:

Moon, planets and satellites. At 200 times magnification it is possible to study on Venus shift the phase "day - night" on Jupiter is a hurricane-high up to a length of 40 thousand km and a width of up to 14 thousand km, to distinguish between bands of clouds and the Cassini gap in the complex structure of Saturn's rings. In clear weather, setting a 10-mm eyepiece, it is convenient to consider the complex surface of the disc and craters with a diameter of 6.5 km.

Deep-sky objects. The optical parameters of the telescope astronomer available thousands of deep sky objects with a limiting stellar magnitude of 11.5 m - dozens of globular clusters, diffuse and planetary nebulae from the Messier catalogue, hundreds of double and variable stars. Find the coordinates for astronomical tables, reference books and computer programs-the planetarium.

Detailed and accurate information about telescopes and accessories , contact our managers by phone +7 (495) 989-10-56 or ask questions on the website of the online store. Just ask us — we will reply!

Package contents:

  • a telescope with two standard eyepieces 10mm (90x) and 25mm (36x), 1,25 inch
  • EQ2 Equatorial mount
  • 2-section, height-adjustable, aluminum tripod with shelf for accessories
  • finder 8x30 optic
  • the diagonal mirror 45-90° (1,25")
  • instruction manual, warranty card

Technical parameters of HQ 90080 telescope Sturman EQ2

Technical data

Sturman HQ 90080 EQ2

Type of telescope
Optical scheme
The achromatic objectives
The focus method
Rack and pinion, focuser
Light diameter, mm
Focal length, mm
The minimum useful magnification, times
The maximum useful magnification, times
Limiting stellar magnitude, m
Resolution, " (ang. seconds)
Equatorial, with mechanisms of thin movements on both axes
Control of the telescope
Type Manual
Consumer characteristics
Bore diameter for eyepieces
31,7 mm (1.25")
Optic 8x30
Two-piece with a shelf for accessories
Physical and operational characteristics
Lens material Glass
The weight of the telescope
Material of tripod Aluminium
The length of the optical pipe, mm 865
Dimensions in packing, mm
Lens diameter (mm)
11 — 200
Optical designs
Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
1140 × 430 × 240
Net weight (kg)
Gross weight 1 (kg)