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Telescope Sturman HQ2 40070AZ

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The purpose of the telescope Sturman HQ2 40070AZ

Telescope-refractor entry level Sturman HQ2 40070AZ - mobile optical instrument for most astronomical observation work is also suitable for observation of ground-based observations.

In a short 70-mm refractor you can see:

- major ball and scattered clusters of stars, extended galaxies and nebulae of the Messier catalogue (without details)

- sun spots (only with protective filter aperture)

- the surface of the lunar disk, the Martian "seas" and the rings of Saturn

- Uranus and Neptune in the form of bright points

The basic parameters of the telescope Sturman HQ2 40070AZ

  • Achromatic lens bonding, relative aperture 1:5,7 diameter 70 mm
  • Magnification: with the basic eyepieces - 40x (10 mm) and 16x (25 mm), mounted 3x Barlow lens – 120x and 48x
  • Multicoated lenses increase contrast at the center of the field of view
  • Optical 5x24 viewfinder with bracket for lateral positioning and guiding of the telescope
  • Azimuth mounting type screw mount ¼ ”
  • The three-section aluminum tripod with height adjustable from 60 to 159 cm
  • Prism diagonal 45° orients the image and facilitates observation of terrestrial objects
  • The installation of photographic equipment due to the T-adapter (supplied)

Description of the telescope Sturman HQ2 40070AZ

Lens telescope-a refractor – the traditional instrument for observation. Achromatic lens bonding increases the resistance to external influences and minimizes flare, the unit quickly adapts to temperature changes. Small (1:5,7) relative aperture helps minimize the appearance of the chromaticity characteristic of the lenses of telescopes, and the lens builds a high-quality image at the center of the field of view. To reduce stray light and improve image contrast on lenses coated multilayer enlightenment.

Diagonal prism, mounted in front of the eyepiece, the mirror wraps the image with keeping the orientation of top/bottom. It simplifies the observation of objects located high above the horizon.

The optical tube of the telescope is set on a compact and durable azimuthal mount with the usual controls. Aluminum tripod is placed on a convenient observation height (60-159 cm) and equipped with threaded attachment ¼ inch, which, except for the mount, you can install a pair of binoculars or a monocular. The refractor is easy to assemble and customize, it will fit as the option of Hiking telescope for basic actionability. Practical and durable bag will help with storage and moving.

Buy telescopes Sturman branded online store. Call +7(495) 989-10-56 or leave questions on the website. We will help you choose the optics for astronomical observations!

Package contents:

  • telescope
  • prism diagonal 45°
  • eyepieces with focal lengths of 10 and 25 mm
  • a Barlow lens with a magnification of 3
  • the viewfinder optical 5х24
  • T-adapter
  • tissue napkin for cleaning of lenses
  • case for storage and carrying, with shoulder strap

Technical data telescope Sturman HQ2 40070AZ

Technical data

Optical scheme
achromatic refractor
The focus method
moving the eyepiece
Light diameter, mm
Focal length, mm
The minimum useful magnification, times
The maximum useful magnification, times
Limiting stellar magnitude, m
Resolution, " (ang. seconds)
Aperture 1:5,7
Control of the telescope
Type Manual
Consumer characteristics
Bore diameter for eyepieces
31,7 mm (1.25")
Optical 5x24
Aluminum 3-section with height adjustment (60-159 cm) and a shelf for accessories
Physical and operational characteristics
Lens material Glass
Dimensions in packing, mm
Lens diameter (mm)
10 — 175
Optical designs
Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
640 × 215 × 120
Gross weight 1 (kg)