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Telescope Sturman HQ2 70060AZ

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Out of stock

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The main purpose of the telescope Sturman HQ2 70060AZ

Telescope - refractor Sturman HQ2 70060AZ makes a wonderful gift for those who make first steps in the study of space or loves to observe the beauty of the starry sky. The telescope is suitable for observations of planets and star clusters, and terrestrial observing (i.e. You can use it as a telescope).

Features telescope Sturman HQ2 70060AZ

  • A small lens aperture (f/12), lenses with multi-layer anti-reflective coating
  • Alt-azimuth mount
  • Steel 2-section tripod, adjustable height range 60 cm - 119 cm
  • Comes complete with two interchangeable eyepieces (10mm and 25mm), Barlow lens 3x, finder 5х24

Design features of the telescope Sturman HQ2 70060AZ

Telescope Sturman HQ2 70060AZ is a standard refractor with achromatic lenses. The model is ideal for observing planets in the Solar system because it allows to obtain the maximum contrast image, which is essential for learning the parts of various size on the surface of the moon or Mars.

The long-focus telescope-refractor is less sensitive to adverse conditions (temperature extremes, random shake), as well as errors in fabrication or Assembly.

Due to the small relative aperture (relative aperture f/12) lens effect of chromatic aberrations on the image quality provided by the telescope Sturman HQ2 70060AZminimal. The lack of stretch marks and a Central shielding, and multilayer antireflective lens coating reduces significant light loss on reflection in the optical system of the observation device and allows you to get a more vivid image with very high contrast (which is especially important for detailed study of planets or objects of great length).

Two interchangeable eyepiece and the Barlow lens included in the package allow you to choose the optimal magnification for observation. The seeker with a large field of view mounted on the pipe, greatly facilitate the pointing to objects.

The telescope is mounted on an Alt-azimuthal mount fork type, which is very convenient for use in those models of telescopes, intended for beginning fans of astronomy. Mount "dovetail" allows you to quickly set up the telescope and using a system of screws to precisely and smoothly to restore the selected entities. Between the legs of the mount mounted shelf for accessories.

Supplied with the telescope Sturman HQ2 70060AZ

1. Prism diagonal 45°

2. Eyepiece 25mm (28x, c Barlow lens 84х)

3. Eyepiece 10 mm (70h, c Barlow lens 210х)

4. Lens Barlow 3x

5. Finder 5х24

6. Napkin for cleaning of optics

Experts of our online store will provide the most complete information about the main characteristics and design features of the telescope Sturman HQ2 70060AZ. Post your question on the website or call us at (495) 989-10-56.

Technical characteristics of the telescope Sturman HQ2 70060AZ

Technical data

Sturman HQ2 70060AZ

Optical scheme


Effective Lens Diameter, mm


Focal length, mm




Magnification with standard eyepiece

28x, 70x, 84x, 210x

The minimum useful increase (ravnopravki), times


The maximum useful magnification, times


Resolution (Dawes limit), "


Limiting stellar magnitude, m

For 11.55

Type mount


Lens diameter (mm)
9 — 150
Optical designs
Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
850 × 315 × 220
Gross weight 1 (kg)