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Telescope Sturman HQ2 90080EQ

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The main purpose of the telescope Sturman HQ2 90080EQ

The long-focus telescope-refractor Sturman HQ2 90080EQ designed for the detailed study of the surface of the moon and planets of the Solar system, will enable observations of bright deep-sky objects or to carry out a search review on the star chart. This model is a great gift to a novice astronomer-Amateur or curious student.

Features telescope Sturman HQ2 90080EQ

  • Lens with multilayer antireflective coating
  • Equatorial mount (German type)
  • Tubular steel tripod diameter of 1.27", adjustable height tripod 95 cm - 136 cm fastening type "dovetail"
  • The installation of the camera coaxially to the telescope
  • The telescope has a T-adapter (allows you to use the telescope as a lens SLR camera)
  • Comes complete with two interchangeable eyepieces (10mm and 25mm), Barlow lens 3x, finder 5х24

Design features of the telescope Sturman HQ2 90080EQ

Telescope Sturman HQ2 90080EQ is a long-focus refractor-achromatic objectives on Equatorial mount (German type).

Telescopes-refractor telescopes are considered to be maintenance-field optics that do not require long settings and frequent adjustment. They are characterized by fast equilibration, errors in manufacture, have a minimal impact on image quality and the operation of the telescope. Unlike reflecting telescopes (reflectors) refractors is no Central shielding in combination with multi-layered anti-reflective lens coating allows to achieve the highest possible contrast of the visible image. Watching the Moon or the rings of Saturn with Sturman HQ2 90080EQ, You will be able to get a quality bright image with high detail and contrast across the field of view.

The main disadvantage of this type of telescopes – the presence of chromatic aberration. The use of achromatic lenses can reduce the impact of chromatic aberrations on image quality.

The telescope is equipped by Equatorial mount (German type), which allows the telescope on only one axis in the process of tracking the observed object. The tripod, which is installed on the Equatorial mount, can be adjusted in height for comfortable observation. T-adapter, which is included in the kit, allows to use the telescope for astrophotography as lens SLR.

The interchangeable eyepieces (10mm and 25mm) and a 3x Barlow lens to allow you to choose the optimal magnification for observation. Viewfinder 5х24 is attached via a bracket to the tube of the telescope and greatly facilitates the hovering objects.

Supplied with the telescope Sturman HQ2 90080EQ

1. Prism diagonal 45°

2. The 25 mm eyepiece (36x, c Barlow lens 108х)

3. Eyepiece 10 mm (90, c a Barlow lens 270х)

4. Lens Barlow 3x

5. Finder 5х24

6. Napkin for cleaning of optics

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Technical characteristics of the telescope Sturman HQ2 90080EQ

Technical data

Sturman HQ2 90080EQ

Optical scheme


Effective Lens Diameter, mm


Focal length, mm




Magnification with standard eyepiece

36x, 90x, 108x, 270х

The minimum useful increase (ravnopravki), times


The maximum useful magnification, times


Resolution (Dawes limit), "


Limiting stellar magnitude, m


Type mount


Lens diameter (mm)
11 — 200
Optical designs
Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
1010 × 330 × 240
Gross weight 1 (kg)