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Handguard Weaver Picatinny Shell (Vepr-12)

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The main purpose of the tactical forearm "Armor" for "Vepr-12" (AKademia)

Tactical foregrip "Shell" for the "Vepr-12" (AKademia) – universal replacement forearm for the different versions of the hunting carbine VPO-205 and VPO-206 "Vepr-12 Molot". Equips weapon weapons Weaver bases for mounting various attachments: red dot sights, laser target designators (LTD), tactical lights and spotlights, additional flies, handles the transfer of fire, bipod, array microphones, video cameras, and the like. To install suitable mounting Weaver (weaver) 21 mm 21 mm Picatinny (Picatinny rail).

Tactical foregrip "Carapace" is Krakal (Quad Rail). Its design includes the installation of up to 4 removable Weaver rails of various lengths. The product also provides more efficient heat sink and cooling arms. The design of the forearm is made in such a way as not to burn the shooter's hand even during active shooting.

Main technical characteristics of the forearm "Armor" with straps Weaver for "Vepr 12 Molot"

  • The material is durable and lightweight duralumin alloy
  • Compatibility with different versions of the HPE-205 and VPO-206
  • Installation instead of the standard forearm and lining
  • Versatile modular design, the possibility of dismantling the unused straps
  • High impact and temperature resistance
  • Excellent heat sink and cooling the barrel
  • Install up to 4 strips of lath Weaver/Picatinny
  • Ergonomic design, comfortable grip
  • Small weight and dimensions

Design features of the tactical forearm "Armor" Weaver for "Vepr 12" (AKademia)

Tactical foregrip "Armor" Weaver for "Vepr 12" (AKademia) is made of duralumin alloy D-16 T, combining high strength, anti-corrosion quality at a low weight. Due to the high coefficient of thermal conductivity, the product is much more effective weapon cools and removes heat from the trunk, preventing it from overheating. To cool itself in the case made numerous slots, and perforation. The case design is made in such a way that in places the grip metal is not heated. For protection of the material of the forearm from the damaging effects of the propellant gases or rifle grease on the shank applied protective coating (black).

The installation of weapons is not difficult and can be done at home, as it requires no specific tool. An important feature of the forearm "Armor" is modularity, i.e. the possibility of dismantling the slats and their interchangeability. With the full installation of handguard allows you to attach any attachments with brackets under Weaver or Picatinny. On all issues regarding the performance of warranty obligations, purchase or delivery of tactical forearm "Armor", contact the specialists of our online store by phone (495) 989-10-56. In the item card on the website there is a special form where you can ask questions online and to give feedback.

Attention! When performing any work on firearms must always make sure that your weapon is unloaded, lock it up and store unfastened!


  • Vepr 12 Molot VPO-205-00, Vepr 12 Molot VPO-205-01 Vepr 12 Molot VPO-205-02,
  • Vepr 12 Molot VPO-205-03, Vepr 12 Molot VPO-205-04, Vepr 12 Molot VPO-205С, Vepr 12 Molot VPO-206.

Package includes:

  • Handguard – 1 PC.
  • Trim the gas tube – 1 PC.
  • Strap Weaver/Picatinny – 4 PCs.
  • Mounting screws
  • Packaging

Specifications tactical forend Shell

Technical data

Tactical foregrip "Shell"

Fastening on the weapon

DC: instead of the forearm and the lining on the vapor tube

Mount optics

Weaver Rail (weaver) 21 mm Picatinny Rail (Picatinny rail) 21 mm

Installed equipment

Reflex sight, laser sight, underbarrel flashlight, bipod, extra front sight, grip the transfer of the fire etc.

Designed for weapons

Carbine "Vepr-12 Molot" BΠO-205-00/ BΠO-205-01/BΠO-205-02/ BΠO-205-03/BΠO-205-04/BΠO-205C/BΠO-206.

Physical and operational characteristics


Aluminum alloy D-16 T



Dimensions, mm


Weight, kg



NTK "AKademia", Moscow, Russia.

Case material
aluminum alloy
The coverage of the case
Weaver rail
Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Dimensions (mm)
166 × 36 × 68
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
166 × 56 × 60
Net weight (kg)
Gross weight 1 (kg)