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Telescope ZT 8-24х40М

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The main purpose of the telescope ZT 8-24х40М

Telescope ZT 8-24х40М is designed to observe objects that are at a considerable distance from the observer. Application field: ground-based observations (hunting, sport shooting, travel, ornithology), astronomical observations (the study of the planets of the Solar system or a dim celestial objects).

The main characteristics of the telescope ZT 8-24х40М

  • Magnification 8x – 24x objective lens diameter of 40 mm, minimum focusing distance: 6 m (at 8x) – 50 (at 24), eye relief – 24 mm
  • Case telescopic column, metallic, finish – coating of artificial leather (black color)
  • Mounted on a tripod (diameter tripod socket ¼ inch)
  • Comes complete with carrying case and storage strap, protective lens covers and eyepiece

Design features of the telescope ZT 8-24х40М

Pancratic eyepiece of the telescope ZT 8-24х40М provides smooth change of magnification range from 8x to 24x. You can select the desired magnification depending on the purpose of observation, the distance to the object or its trajectory. For example, to search for the object (and subsequent focus) is useful when the minimum values of multiplicity, and to further study and detail at maximum zoom. The lens is 40 mm in diameter transmits enough light to conduct surveillance even in low light levels (at dusk or in cloudy weather).

Given the characteristics of the observer (myopia, hyperopia) possible diopter adjustment of the eyepiece (in the range of +/- 5 diopters). Large eye relief ensures comfortable viewing in the glasses (protective, diapering), and without them. Soft rubber Eyecup fixes the position of the eye relative to the eyepiece.

The metal case has a telescopic (sliding) design, consists of two parts. Folded pipe length is 302 mm, working (unfolded) as the length is increased to 440 mm. Coated faux-leather (rough to touch) provides protection against minor mechanical damage (scratches, scuffs) and extends the lifetime of the product.

To eliminate the shake of picture the telescope can be installed on tripod for digital camera (diameter tripod socket¼”) using adapter (sold separately). Call us by phone 8 (495) 989 56 10 or by posting your question on the website of our online store, You can get all the information about the main characteristics and design features of the telescope ZT 8-24х40М.

Operating conditions and equipment telescope ZT 8-24х40М

Operating temperature range from -40°C to +40°C.

Comes complete with carrying case and storage strap, protective lens covers and eyepiece.

Technical characteristics of the telescope ZT 8-24х40М

Technical data

ZT 8-24х40М

Magnification, times

8x – 24x

Effective Lens Diameter, mm


Angular field of view, °

5° - 1°40'

Linear field of view m/1000m

87,3 — 29,1

The minimum focusing distance, m

from 6m (8x) - 50m (24)

The removal of exit pupil, mm


Exit Pupil Diameter, mm

5 – 1,67

Functional Temperature


Tripod mount, inch


Lens material

Optical glass

Case material


Overall dimensions, mm

302(folded comp.) x 55 x 63



Lens diameter (mm)
8 — 24
Field of view (deg)
1.7 — 5
Field of view (m/1000m)
29 — 87.5
Exit pupil diameter (mm)
1.6 — 5
Eye Relief (mm)
Close focus (m)
On the eyepiece
Diopter adjustment, DPTR
Case material
The coverage of the case
Tripod socket 1/4"
Country of origin
Manufacturer's warranty (years)
Dimensions (mm)
445 × 55 × 63
Package dimensions, place 1 (mm)
330 × 82 × 77
Net weight (kg)
Gross weight 1 (kg)
Operating temperature, °C
-40 — 40
Part manufacturer